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3 Important Criteria That Will Help You Choose The Right Dental Loupes

Most dentists use dental loupes because they help in improving visual acuity and because they assist in improving the quality of treatment. In addition, these important dental tools are also used because they greatly improve working posture and comfort levels. When it comes to choosing the right loupe system customers need to understand that manufacturers offer different ergonomically designed loupes to suit different needs.

Although a modern dental loupe is not made with an exactly perfect neutral head posture it is designed to help improve working postures significantly. This helps the dentist work for long hours without feeling discomfort and also enables the dentist to improve the quality of his or her treatment. Before choosing your dental loupe you should be well educated about the 3 main and very important criteria that will help you pick the right system. These three criteria are:

  • Working distance
  • Angle of declination
  • Size of frame

Working distance
The working distance is nothing but the distance from the dentist’s eyes to the working area. If this distance is not measured accurately it can result in too much flexion of the neck and it can also make the dentist have to hunch over too much. Even if the dentist assumes a posture that is off by a few inches it can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. This is why it is important to choose the dental loupe that works best for a particular working distance.

Placing a patient in the chair and then asking him or her to open their mouths ever so slightly can measure this distance. Then the dentist must look into the mouth of the patient and simulate a treatment position. The working distance measured should be customized to suit the needs of the dentist. Besides working distance it is also important to take into account the working range, which is the range within which the object stays in focus.

Angle of declination
Angle of declination is the angle in which the dentist’s eyes are inclined in a downward direction towards the working area. Ideally, this angle should help the dentist assume the most comfortable position and it should ensure that the dentist does not need to tilt his or her head forward by more than 20 degrees. If the dentist has to position his or head too far forward it will cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Size of frame
When choosing your dental loupe you should go with one that allow you to enjoy the best angle of declination. A large frame size allows the dentist to wear the frames low towards the cheeks and in this way ensures better working posture. The scope will be mounted low to ensure that it gives the best angle of declination.

Finally, before choosing your dental loupe you also need to take into account the factor of magnification strength. If the magnification is very high then the depth of field will be shorter and this can make it hard for the dentist to work in multiple areas within the patient’s mouth.