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Loupes for Dentists

Magnification loupes are an essential tool for dentists and surgeons. They are designed to protect your eyes and magnify the working area.

High precision procedures often require greater magnification. Our Prismatic loupes offer the highest magnification in the industry; up to 6.0x.

Loupe Style
We recommend the Flip-Up style loupe for dentist and surgeons. The benefits of Flip-Up loupes are:

  • Loupes can be flipped down during procedure and flipped up when magnification is not required.
  • Angle of declination can be adjusted.
  • Less expensive than Through-the-Lens Loupes
  • Easy to change prescription lenses.

If your priority is light weight, then TTL may be best for you, which weighs only 2 oz.

Working Distance

Selecting the optimum working distance will 
ensure that you maintain the correct 
ergonomic posture and focal distance. We 
offer a choice of four working distances.

To calculate your specific working distance, 
measure the distance from your eyes and 
the patients teeth while maintaining an 
ergonomic position.