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How can LoupesUSA offer such a steep discount on dental loupes, surgical loupes and LED headlights? 

Since we are bringing products from the factory directly to you via the internet, we have eliminated the distributor and wholesaler mark-ups, retail space rent, behind-the-counter employees and warehousing. These savings are passed on to you!

How is the quality of your loupes and dental headlights?

We pay special attention to the entire production process. We manufacture both the mechanical and the optical parts of the product using state of the art machining. We apply a "Total Quality Control" method through every step of production. 

What is your warranty policy?

All our loupe mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty and a 1 year warranty is provided on all frames. For more detailed information please visit our dental loupes (surgical loupes) Warranty Policy Section.

How long have we been in the medical loupes business?

We have been manufacturing dental and surgical loupes for more than 8 years. With our factory direct sales approach, you will receive the benefit of our manufacturing expertise at the lowest prices in the industry.