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Surgeons and Residents

Magnification loupes are an essential tool for surgeons. Loupes are designed to protect your
eyes and magnify your working area. Other benefits they provide:

  • Reduced eye, neck and back fatigue
  • Enhanced view of your instruments
  • Better visualization of the operation area
  • Increased patient confidence and satisfaction

What loupes should surgeons and residents choose?

If you have never used loupes before (this might be the first loupes for most residents), we recommend the 2.5x TTL loupes, since it is the easiest to acclimated to and are extremely light and comfortable.

If you have used loupes and are looking for more power, or if your procedures needs higher magnification, we offer TTL surgical loupes up to 3.5x and flip-up prismatic surgical loupes up to 6.0x.


How to measure working distance

Selecting the optimum working distance will 
ensure that you maintain the correct 
ergonomic posture and focal distance. We 
offer a choice of four working distances.

To calculate your specific working distance, 
measure the distance between your eyes and 
the patients teeth while maintaining an 
ergonomic position.