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Understanding Dental Loupes

There are many dentists and dental students who do not know what dental loupes are and how they are used in the dental profession. There is also not much information available to help you make the right choice when buying these important tools of dentistry. However, if you plan on working in the dentistry field then you need these tools because they provide ergonomic benefits as well as optical benefits.

A vast majority of dentists say that they suffer from chronic pain in the back and necks and the reason for this is their poor posture when performing dental procedures. To focus on the patient’s mouth the dentist must (if not wearing loupes) assume unergonomic postures, which leads to all kinds of problems including pain in the back, shoulder and neck regions.

To avoid such situations it is important to utilize dental loupes, which should be configured for your working, distance and which helps you assume a more ergonomic posture.

Dental loupes also provide optical benefits in that they offer suitable magnification, which allows the operator to see clearly into the mouth of the patient. This magnification also allows the operator to see things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eyes. The end result is that the operator is able diagnose the problem in a more accurate manner and it also allows them to perform the procedures with greater accuracy.

Now that you know about the benefits provided by dental loupes, you must then ask yourself the question as to when is the right time to buy these important tools of dentistry. Use of loupes helps to improve performance and it also allows you to maintain the right posture. Keeping these benefits in mind you should try to buy and use loupes as early as is possible in your career. If you are a student then using loupes will help to improve your learning curve and it will also allow you to learn new skills with the loupes on.

There are two types of dental loupes to choose from. The first is the TTL or Through the Lens loupe and the other is the Flip-up type. The former have optics that is set within the lens. These loupes can easily be customized for different working distances and for the distance between your pupils. The main benefits of this kind of loupe are that it provides a larger field of view and it is lighter in weight and hence more comfortable to wear. TTL loups are however quite expensive and hence are not the first choice of everyone.

The flip-up types have optics that are connected to a mechanism and which allows you to flip up the loupes when they are not needed. The main benefits of this kind of loupe are that they can be flipped up when not required. They are also very affordable and cheap. What’s more, it is easy to add your prescription to the frame and these loupes have angles of declination that can be adjusted to suit your needs. However, they are quite heavy and they offer a narrower field of view.

Most people prefer the TTL loupes because of their lightweight and wider field of view.