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What Exactly Is The Right Dental Loupe for You?

When it comes to choosing the right dental loupe, about forty percent of dentists and hygienists are not sure about what to buy. When it comes to picking the right loupes there are three things that you need to keep in mind. These are field of depth, brightness and clarity of image and finally there is the issue of weight as well as comfort.

When it comes to field of depth you need to understand that this relates to the focal range of your loupes. If the field is deep then the dentist gets more freedom to move his or her head and still stay focused on the object of interest in the patient’s mouth. The deeper the field is the easier it becomes for the dentist to treat either pediatric patients or geriatric patients. Each type of patient sits in a different way in the patient chair.

The brightness as well as image clarity is important considerations when choosing your dental loupes. There are some loupes that have a more vibrant resolution while others have a somewhat poorer resolution. There are also other loupes that are capable of sustaining clarity of image across a wider field but there will be blurriness around the edges. Dentists who wear dental loupes that are not capable of providing clarity across the whole working area describe what they get to see as akin to having lip balm smeared on the working area.

Thirdly, when it comes to choosing the right dental loupe you need to address issues like weight of the loupe and how comfortable it is to use. It is well known that a vast majority of dentists will be wearing their loupes throughout the working hours. They therefore need to ensure that they are wearing loupes that are light in weight and which prove to be comfortable to wear. Comfort depends on what features the frame has. So, when choosing your loupe you need to be on the lookout for elements in the loupe that allow you to personalize the loupe. An adjustable nose pad is one element that can help you personalize your loupe while flexible temple arm hinges are another important element that can help to make the loupe very comfortable to use.

Almost all dentists who use dental loupes understand that there is a close relationship between the loupe and good ergonomics. The more comfortable the loupe and the lighter it is the less chance that the dentist will suffer from pack, neck or shoulder pain. The loupe that is well fitted will be able to provide better declination angles and will allow the dentist to only tilt his or her head by 10 to 20 percent. The right loupe will also succeed in reducing eye fatigue.

So, it makes sense to pick your dental loupes very carefully. Although most dentists are satisfied with their current pair of loupes, there is always scope for improvement. Some dentists baulk at using dental loupes because unless the loupe provides proper magnification the dentist will not be able to perform his or her duties properly. Remember that the right dental loupe will ensure a good and suitable ergonomic posture and in this way ensure better performance as well as a longer career as a dentist.